Divorce in Australia

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How do you get separated in Australia

Those people who are fed up with their married life, who just wish that they are in a very bad relationship, those who just can’t stand a sight of their partners leave alone living together, for those people getting SEPERATION from one another seems to be the sole one solution to end their lives of miseries and move on in their life for the betterment of it.

Once they decide to have a divorce in Australia the first and the foremost question that comes to their minds is how to get a divorce. People get very tensed up on how and when they would be able to get a divorce. They have all kinds of thoughts on how difficult would the procedure be and how hard it would be for them to pay off the costs of all the costs and to make out the time for all the legal procedures that would be going to be followed in order to get themselves legally SEPERATED.

For those living in Australia the whole procedure comes out to be a very simple and a very quick one. The people just have to follow simple legal procedures without much hindrances and the get a divorce very easily. The family act which was changed in 1975 has simplified the way of getting a divorce in Australia. It has provided many relaxations for the people. There is a provision provided that you can live with your spouse for as long as three whole months after the separation and still allows you to include time before and time after living together as husband and wife in calculating the twelve month of separation period.

For those who wish to know that how long the whole Divorce in Australia procedure would take, they should know that it would take approximately just fifteen months before they are legally declared divorced. You would be needed to stay separated for around twelve months and then you would have to make an application for the divorce and would have to wait for a court date. Then the matter would be heard in the court and from there onwards it takes only a month to become officially divorced.

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